MUM MBA Teams Again Place in Top 10th Percentile in Business Competition

They did it again! This year marks the fifth consecutive year that MUM’s MBA teams have placed in the top 10th percentile of the CAPSIM Foundation Business Simulation, an international online business decision-making competition.

Lin Zhu, Chunyu Guo, Jilin Wang, Lisi Li (all from China)

In March 2014, MUM’s three MBA teams placed in the top 10th percentile, finishing at the 97th, 92nd and 91 percentiles, among 179 MBA teams that participated during the six-month window ending in March 2014.  MUM’s teams consisted of 13 students from eight countries.

The Foundation Simulation results are scored based on formulas for both short-term and long-term performance metrics under the Balanced Scorecard Concept which evaluates corporate performance across four perspectives: financial results, customer satisfaction, internal business processes, and learning & growth. The total score earned by each team is the basis of comparisons to other MBA teams that participated in the simulation during the previous six months, the window of comparison offered by CAPSIM.

Habibah Anis (Pakistan), Kedir Eslaman Misbah (Ethiopia), Potu Raju Kasani (India), Bijaya Adhikari (Nepal)

Each of the eight rounds of competition requires well-integrated, executive level decisions concerning product pricing, building customer awareness, product innovation, automation of production facilities, controlled expansion of capacity, cost control, training and development of personnel, and sound financing strategies.

Based on previous experiences with his MBA teams, Professor Bargerstock credits the Capsim Foundation Simulation with providing an opportunity for students “to practice teamwork behaviors such as collaboration, negotiation, and consensus-building. The groups need to think and act both strategically and tactically,” he emphasizes, “like an executive management team in a dynamically changing environment with competitors.”

Gezahegn Alebachew Sete (Ethiopia), Jiatong Li (China), Mahdi Ghandhari Alavijeh (Iran), Xiaoyan Liu (China), Sangvat Sok (Cambodia)

The Foundation Simulation was adopted to gain third-party assessment of the value of MBA education at MUM. “Now, after four straight years of Top 10th percentile finishes,” Bargerstock reflects, “we are delighted to see a consistent pattern of results that suggests our students will be competitive in the global job market.”

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