Two new tracks for MBA Accounting Specialization

MUM’s MBA with Accounting Specialization Program is offering two new tracks beginning in the fall 2011 semester. Building on the success of the program established in 2005 for international accountants with two or more years of work experience, the new tracks will consist of 11 months of full-time study but work experience will not be required.

“This MBA program anticipates the growing need for professional accountants in the USA due to the retirement of large numbers of baby boomer accountants,” said Dr. Andrew Bargerstock, Director of the Accounting Professionals MBA Program, who developed the concept for the program. “Some forecasters suggest that for every two accountants who retire in the next 5-10 years, there will be only one accountant available to take their positions.”

Applicants in the new program will be required to have a four-year bachelor degree in business, accounting or related areas. Based on the students’ academic background in accounting, there will be two new MBA accounting tracks: Fresh Start and Strong Background.

The Fresh Start group requires no previous accounting courses or work experience and will begin in mid-August 2011. The Strong Background Group requires at least four accounting courses previously taken and will begin mid-January 2012. There is no curricular practical training in this track.

“This new exciting specialization in accounting will allow MUM to attract groups of students who currently are not eligible to participate in the Accounting Professionals MBA program because they do not possess enough work experience,” said Dr. Scott Herriott, co-chair of the Department of Business Administration.

For more information on this new MBA specialization in accounting, visit and find the MBA accounting specialization program link.

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